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Item details
Category Vegetables
Created 2012-10-10
Owner Scirpidiella
Promotion level None
Title Caucasian Spinach - Hablitzia tamnoides - climber 100 seeds
Plant Description The large (3m=10ft), dense, very ornamental climber with tuberous roots. Leaves are edible. When cooked they have a mild, pleasant taste. Plant very frost hardy (to zone 5b). Very rare plant. Seeds scarce. Fresh seeds (harvested in summer 2013).
Fruit Description  
Bloom Description A pale green, inconspicuous, numerous flowers
Days till Harvest/Bloom  
Year Seeds were Harvested  
Plant Grow Zones 5b-8b
Planting Tips Sow the seeds in the early spring outside in sheltered place, or stratify them by 3-4 weeks and plant in the pots. Replant the seedlings to garden in half of May (after last frosts). Plant likes half shade and moist soil.
Where the Seeds were Harvested Poland
Seeds have been tested NO
Number of Seeds 100
Seed Sale or Exchange For Sale
Price $3.00

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